Jaguar Crew Building Community

Jaguar Crew Building Community

Dear members of the Pan-American School Community,

Yesterday members of the Jaguar Crew - parent volunteers who support the development of community and belonging during our sports events - met to plan for the upcoming PAS Cup (Friday, May 3, and Saturday, May 4), and discuss ways to develop and grow. The following roles were created to coordinate various aspects:

  • President: Mauricio Matamoros (Grade 8 & Grade 10)
  • Vice-President: Ana Eugenia Fernández Dengo (Grade 1 & Grade 3) 
  • Treasurer: Anny Lucía Álvarez Herrera (Grade 8)
  • Secretary: Giuliana Castegnaro (PlayKids & Grade 1)



Among the areas that the team discussed were:

  • The funds that have been raised to date via Jaguar Crew initiatives (₡1,558,595; $35).
  • Preparations for the upcoming PAS Cup on May 3 & May 4
  • Improving sustainability initiatives during sports events (increased recycling stations; requiring reusable bottles for water; getting biodegradable straws, spoons, etc.)
  • Creating banners, placards, and other items that our students and parents can use to demonstrate support for our teams.
  • Improving the organization of space and signage during events to support visiting teams and families.
  • Improved coordination and communication with visiting teams to create a better experience for visitors to our campus. 
  • Other ways in which the school can support logistics and communication.

We appreciate the dedication, positive spirit, and time of our Jaguar Crew volunteers, and look forward to supporting their initiatives to develop a “a welcoming, engaged, and connected community for all” who participate in PAS Cups and other sports events throughout the year.

Proud to be PAS and to support our Jaguar Crew,


Alan Wrafter

General Director  

Adriana Hernández

Anny Álvarez

Laura Blanco

María Fernanda Alvarado

Ana Eugenia Fernández

Gabriela Corrales

Laura Eduarte

Patricia Centeno

Andrea Fernández

Gabriela Hernández

María José Umaña

Silvana Pimentel

Andrea Gómez

Giulliana Castegnaro

Mauricio Matamoros

Susan  Lecumberri