April Newsletter 2018

Dear PAS Community,

During the month of March, a highlight for our campus was hosting the international Global Issues Network (GIN) Conference at PAS. With over 350 students, 12 countries, and 14 schools represented, this student-organized conference is committed to “nurture and mobilize transgenerational communities of global citizens to build a just and sustainable future.” Fifty-nine student-developed projects were presented during the conference, all designed by “young people to collaborate locally, regionally, and globally in order to create project-based sustainable solutions for our shared global issues.” (For more information: www.globalissuesnetwork.org.) We are proud of our students for organizing and leading this global initiative. Below are videos and photos of this impactful event in which all of our 10th, 11th and 12th graders participated.

Elizabeth Head
General Director

GIN Conference

Reds & Blues

Grandparents' Day

International College Fair

GIN Conference

Reds & Blues

Grandparents' Day

International College Fair

Celebrating Easter with Technology

In Second Grade we are celebrating Easter with technology to make an Easter Bunny bookmark by doing origami. Students were able to follow each step as they watched a video or used their iPads to make the rabbits. The final rabbit became a bookmark that will be used when reading Pantalones Cortos, the book they are reading in class. They were so excited that they made many smaller rabbit bookmarks to take home. We also had fun looking for Easter eggs left in the classroom and outside by the Easter Bunny. Happy Easter!

Technology Implementation in Secondary Classrooms

In our daily classroom practices, technology implementation requires the use of different technological resources like the Internet, computers, smartphones, digital cameras, and numerous applications, just to name a few.

Fortunately, at Pan-American school, students and teachers have the opportunity to have access to diverse platforms and applications. Google Summit was just one example of the continuum training available to the school community.

Traditional learning processes are still essential; however, technology implementation, combined with student-centered learning, is most beneficial.  Pan-American School embraces technology which guarantees a profound impact in our classrooms.

4 Pillars for the Future

Pillar #1

Curriculum & Instruction

Pillar #2

Values, Service and Ecology

Pillar #3

Technology, Innovation and Investigation

Pillar #4

Sports, Health and Wellness

Curriculum & Instruction

– Process continues for authorization as a full International Baccalaureate (IB) Continuum World School, including the Primary Years Program (PYP) and Middle Years Program (MYP).  Expected date of authorization: 2019

– All Primary teachers and learning support staff trained and certified in PYP.  All Secondary teachers and learning support staff trained and certified in MYP.

– Continued implementation of Reggio Emilia inspired elements to ECE within the PYP framework. Nine ECE Teachers have also enrolled in “Project Zero” through Harvard University, a program focused on Reggio Emilia and PYP.

– Report Cards created with PYP and MYP Guidelines through ManageBac.

– Continued expansion of physical and online resources available in the library with a focus on PYP, MYP, and DP.

– The instructional coaches provided teachers with professional development sessions according to the needs observed through the coaching process.

– MAP data further integrated into the instructional process.

– An Educational Technology Integration Coordinator was hired in order to assist Secondary teachers to integrate technology in classrooms.

– Pull-out teachers are reviewing current research on ESL/SSL programs and experimenting with different approaches to deliver these programs.

– Creation of the new student-led school newspaper: The Panam.

Values, Service and Ecology

– 280 solar panels installed and in production.

– Ecology team has been trained in strategies to become Carbon Neutral.  Analysis of data and verification process continues.

– Institutional food drive achieved to help victims of Storm Nate.
– NHS organized a concert and raised c1.900.000, which was donated to TELETÓN.

– Additional CAS opportunities: CAS-Chirripó, CAS-México and CAS-Corcovado

– Cajas de Amor were donated to our maintenance staff to celebrate Christmas.

– 550 Christmas gifts were donated to six different organizations.
– IB Learner Profile and Attitudes were integrated during Sharing Time in Primary.

– Books and/or other resources purchased to promote PAS values.

Technology, Innovation and Investigation

– Successful integration of one-to-one Chromebooks to 3rd and 4th grade students with the purchase of 100 additional devices.

– Campus wireless network was restructured for improved wi-fi coverage.

– Implementation and training of all involved with new ManageBac system.

– Effective live streaming of numerous events.

– Additional multimedia resources purchased for the gymnasium.

– Equipment for simultaneous interpretation was acquired and utilized in meetings.

– Purchase of a class set of Virtual Reality goggles.

– Created a charging station in the library.

Sports, Health and Wellness

– New athletic flooring and branding for the gym walls (see other gym improvements below).

– Participation in numerous tournaments, AASCA Basketball, and ACEP Soccer (1st Place Boys and 5 teams to semifinals).

– Increased enrollment in boys’ volleyball, girls’ basketball and girls’ soccer in Primary.

– Continued development of the morning Secondary Fitness Program and increased enrollment in the Secondary sports program.

– Cafeteria implemented recommendations based on parent and student feedback.

– Training began in First Aid and CPR for all ECE teachers, Primary teachers, and Administrative staff.