School Awards

At Pan-American School, outstanding performance aligned with our philosophy, values, and the attributes of the IB Learner Profile are recognized through various awards. Each year, the Mister Scholarship is awarded to the student who best exemplifies PAS values, and has demonstrated excellence in their learning over the course of their Middle School years (Grade 6 to Grade 8).  Current students who are recipients of this award are: 

  • Mariana Hernández Bueno (2020), class of 2024
  • Marianne Weber Arroyo (2021), class of 2025 
  • Emil Shadid Zumbado (2022), class of 2026 and
  • Daniela María Matamoros Aguilar (2023), class of 2027.


A number of additional awards celebrate student development across a range of areas.



  • Primary School Merit Awards:  Academic Merit and Conduct Awards are granted to deserving Fourth and Fifth-grade students at the end of the year. They are divided into three categories: Academic Honors, Conduct Honors, Combined Honors Awards.
  • IB Learner Profile Award. Teachers observe students in order to identify the  IB Learner Profile traits that each of them has best embodied during the year.  Each student is presented with a certificate recognizing this trait at the end of the year.



  • Values Awards: Pan-American School’s core values are embedded in all social and academic situations. Each year, teachers nominate students to receive these awards based on their interactions inside and outside the classroom. 
  • Academic Recognition: Academic Excellence awards are given to students in Secondary who demonstrate academic growth and improvement over both semesters in all subjects. These awards are given in a ceremony at the beginning of each new school year.



  • 2023 Daniela Matamoros Aguilar
  • 2022 Emil Shadid Zumbado
  • 2021 Marianne Weber Arroyo
  • 2020 Mariana Hernández Bueno
  • 2019 Carlos Alejandro González Bachmann
  • 2018 Guillermo Magno Pérez Malvasio
  • 2017 Natalia Weber Arroyo
  • 2015 Gabriela Guevara Hernández
  • 2014 Daniel Ortuño Fajardo
  • 2011 María Paula Ortuño Fajardo
  • 2009 Marianne Birkner Alier
  • 2008 Zoe Laura Coates Fuentes
  • 2005 Mariana Valverde Jenkins
  • 2004 Luis Alfonso Fernández Lara
  • 2003 Lucía Valverde Jenkins
  • 1996 Kristel Heinrich Bettoni