We believe in a board, balanced and holistic educational programme, and participation in the arts is an essential element in this.  All students at Pan-American School, from ECE through to Grade 12, participate in music or visual arts.


Visual Arts

The visual arts program focuses on the development of critical thinking, along with technical art-making and presentation skills, to encourage the communication of the student"s ideas about their environment and global context through their artistic projects. Art becomes a tool for students to communicate about their personal feelings and experience and reach beyond to discover the multiple relationships that coexist between art and many other disciplines.  



Music Fever is an innovative and successful method to teach music to children and adolescents while developing social and emotional skills critical to their well-rounded development.

Students become musical performers, critics, composers, and technicians.  In addition, the program helps understand society and history through musical knowledge, promotes self-expression, and stimulates the creative process. 

Music Fever has been designed with international standards, mainly successful programs in the United States and Canada, the PYP, MYP, and IB programs, and programs in Finland and Denmark).  It is taught by bilingual teachers from several outstanding schools in the country. 

At Pan-American School, Middle School and High School students participate in the Music Fever Proficiency Program.  This allows for specialization in a specific area and prepares them for completing the IB in Music.  Learning includes the following areas:   

  • Vocal Technique
  • Creating and Composing
  • Music and Culture
  • Sight Reading
  • Performing (Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Choir and Musical Projects)


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