Middle Years Programme (MYP)

The Middle School includes grades 6 through 10. Classes are taught through conceptual understanding, skill development, and interdisciplinary connections across subjects. Courses include Language and Literature in both English and Spanish, Language acquisition in both English and Spanish, Design, Music, Visual Arts, Physical and Health Education, Individuals and Societies, Integrated Sciences, and Integrated Mathematics. 


The curriculum is based on the Middle Years Programme,  a challenging framework that encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world.  The MYP curriculum includes eight subject groups, providing a broad and balanced education.   It  is designed to support students as they transition from Primary School to High School,  encouraging them to think analytically, rise to new academic challenges, identify personal strengths, work effectively in teams, and continuously strive for success. 


Students start the day with a Fitness Program, in which they choose the activity that best suits their interests and needs. 


After a break for changing into the school uniform and having a snack, students start their academic day with energy and focus. Students have the opportunity to participate in different academic and interdisciplinary projects that include the Eagle Fest (Visual Arts and Music Fair), Model United Nations, Community Service projects, AASCA Leadership Conferences, National Junior Honor Society, Student Government, and various sports.  


Students in Middle School are encouraged to hone skills and deepen academic interests during Flex Period. In this unique lesson, students choose to work with a core subject teacher on a current project, clarify doubts, or to pursue additional interests in the subject area. Class sizes are usually small, allowing for a  personalized approach. 

For more information about our curriculum, course requirements, and policies, please write to info@panam.ed.cr.