Primary Years Programme (PYP)

Our Primary Years Programme begins with PlayKids and continues through the 5th grade. 

Classes are taught transdisciplinary, integrating subjects through concepts and central ideas rather than content. Students develop skills in visual arts, technology integration, music, design, mathematics, spanish and english language, social and emotional learning, and physical health and well-being. 


Our PYP program ensures that learning is engaging, relevant, challenging, and significant. This is accomplished using a transdisciplinary approach between, across, and beyond subjects. The curriculum is organized into six transdisciplinary themes established by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).


 These themes are explored regardless of where PYP students are in the world and with which ethnic or cultural group they identify. These globally and socially-driven themes provide a starting point from which students can examine real-world issues and opportunities. They provide students with authentic learning experiences that are not confined to the boundaries of traditional subjects because real-world problems have no boundaries. Our Primary students have the support of learning specialists and a psychologist; also, a Language Support Program is offered for students who need support developing their Spanish and/or English language skills. A variety of strategies are used to guide students in their learning process and acquire the skills necessary to develop their full potential. 

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