Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Our Early Childhood Education (ECE) program begins at age 18 months with PlayKids, and continues with PreKinder for students from 2-3 years old, Kinder for students 3-4 years old, and culminates with Preparatory for students 5-6 years old. 


The program emphasizes an inquiry and play-based approach to learning and exploring our world. Each student has a unique learning and developmental journey. Our classrooms and curriculum are designed to connect with the natural world, provide flexible and engaging opportunities to captivate the children, and give the students agency over their learning and growth. Student academic, social, and emotional growth is documented in a portfolio with students and teachers deciding together the videos, photos, anecdotes, writing samples, and reflections on the child’s learning. 


The maximum number of students per class is 20.  In ECE, our students also benefit from the support of professionals in psychology and early stimulation. Our mission is to provide learning experiences and opportunities for our students that are constructive and consistent in promoting confidence and the ability to form part of a social group.  Skills in pre-reading, pre-writing, and early math are also emphasized. We promote enjoyable and useful learning that will build a strong foundation for intellectual, physical, and social-emotional development.  Our developmentally appropriate curriculum is based on English immersion and involves individual and group work with hands-on activities through the use of concrete materials and technology. All of our efforts are geared to help students learn while having fun.


In addition to instruction in basic skills, students receive weekly classes of Physical Education, Music, Library/Research, Skills 4 Life, Visual Arts, and the integrated development of technological skills.