Graduate Profile

Pan-American School was accredited for the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) in 2015 and this same year it began with the first generation of students studying the Diploma Programme.


By 2021, Pan-American School already had five generations that successfully completed the program.


The IB curriculum is offered to all our students, allowing the advantages offered by this program to be received by all our 11th and 12th-grade students without any distinction.


We are one of the few institutions that offer both Visual Arts and Music as options within the Diploma Programme. These subjects are generally not offered in most IB schools, due to the high initial investment involved.


Since 2016:

  • 97% of our students have opted for the full Diploma obtained.
  • 100% of our students have obtained the Costa Rican MEP title through the IBO-MEP agreement, which allows validating national subjects through passing IB subjects.


Our students are offered a choice of several graduation options. The options are:

  • US High School Diploma, plus MEP, plus the IB full Diploma
  • US High School Diploma, plus IB certificates, plus MEP (Costa Rican Baccalaureate)
  • US High School Diploma, plus IB certificates
  • US High School Diploma only

Our graduation rate (from our 1st generation of IB to the present):

  • Class 2022: 43 graduates. 19 IB Diploma, 24 IB Certificate *
  • Class 2021: 40 graduates. 18 IB Diploma, 21 IB Certificate * 1 non-IB track
  • Class 2020: 41 graduates. 21 IB Diploma, 17 IB Certificate * 3 non-IB track
  • Class 2019: 31 graduates. 14 IB Diploma, 17 IB Certificate *
  • Class 2018: 28 graduates. 8 IB Diploma 20 IB Certificate *
  • Class 2017: First IB generation 43 graduates. 20 IB Diploma 23 IB certificate*
  • Class 2016: 27 graduates *

*100% received the US High School Diploma and Costa Rican Baccalaureate.