BINGO 2023

Our traditional BINGO is organized by the PASaporte Foundation.

The PAPasaporte for Education Foundation is a non-profit entity. The projects have been achieved thanks to the vote of confidence of the many people who believe in its mission and vision, and the selfless work of the members of the Board of Directors to achieve its objectives.


MISSION: Create opportunities for the comprehensive educational training of children and young people.

VISION: To be a leading entity in providing means for educational opportunities to students.



* Integrity

* Solidarity

* Service

* Commitment


Scholarship Programs:

* Sports / Academic

* Financial support


Our projects:

IB® International Baccalaureate Scholarship

Currently, the PASaporte Foundation is granting scholarships to 7 students from other educational centers so that they can take the IB program at Pan-American School.


Monthly support for students in Belén

Monthly economic support for the acquisition of supplies, tools, shoes, and umbrellas, as well as bus passes for low-income students from 2017 to the present year.

Amount of financial aid:

The following number of students is currently supported

* Professional Technical College of Belén: 16 students

* Belén Bilingual Experimental High School: 7 students

* Students from the Community of La Ribera de Belén: 9 students

* Santa Ana Professional Technical College: 12 students

* Sports scholarships joint program with Pan-American School: 7 students


We want to continue supporting education!

Do we count on your contribution? How can you support us?


In-kind donations.


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“We are creators and we can make today the world in which we will live tomorrow” -Robert Collier-


How to contact us? 

Phone: 2298-5788

Facebook: Fundación PASaporte para la Educación